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Committed to the Study of Disease and its Alleviation

The New England Society of Pathologists invites all pathologists in New England to join.  As a non-profit medical organization, our goal is to update each other on advances in current diagnostic issues in pathology, and in the understanding of basic pathobiology.  Our members are pathologists in practice or on the faculty of medical schools and universities around New England.  Each year, we sponsor four major lectures, meeting predominantly in Boston.  Several of our lectures are sponsored by academic medical centers in Boston, and are sponsored in recognition of a distinguished pathologist in the history of that medical center.  It is easy to become a member – just click the Join link above.

Message from Our President

Welcome to the new website for the New England Society of Pathologists. Although we were slightly delayed in our launch due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are happy to see this website up and running for our members. I'd like to thank our immediate past president, Dr. Tony Guidi, Donna Walsh, our Executive Director, and past president Dr. Doug Anthony, for all their hard work initiating this site on behalf of NESP.  Although there is some uncertainty about when we will be able to meet in-person again, we plan to have all of our meetings this year, by Zoom or in-person, and will update this website with all meeting information as it develops. At present, we are not planning to meet in person for the January meeting, but we hope to be able to meet again in person in the Spring of 2022.

I look forward to seeing you by Zoom, until we can once again meet together in person.

Yours sincerely,

Christopher D. Andry, MPhil, PhD

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2022 Meetings

January 25 – Stanley Robbins, MD, Lecture
     (sponsored by Boston University Mallory
           Pathology Associates)
     Brian Moore, MD  by Zoom
     The 2021 WHO Classification of Brain Tumors

May 17  – Ramzi Cotran, MD, Lecture (sponsored by Brigham and Women's Hospital)
     Nicole D. Pecora, MD, PhD 
          hybrid Royal Sonesta/Zoom
     Practical Pathogen Genomics

September 13 – Desiree Carlson, MD, Lecture (annual joint meeting MSP-NESP)

Desiree Carlson, MD, Lecture

In Special Recognition of
Desiree Carlson, MD
for her many significant contributions to the
discipline of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine.
With particular acknowledgement for her many years of
service to the College of American Pathologists.
Dr. Eric Burks
2021 WHO updates on classification of Lung Adenocarcinoma

November 15 - Hubert J. Wolfe, MD, Lecture
(sponsored by Tufts University)
Hannah H. Chen, MD, PhD
Mesenchymal Lesions of the Gastrointestinal Tract
2021 Meetings
January 19 – Stanley Robbins, MD, Lecture
(sponsored by Boston University Mallory Pathology Associates)
Yachana Kataria, PhDby Zoom 
May 11  – Ramzi Cotran, MD, Lecture
(sponsored by Brigham and Women's Hospital)
Astrid Weins, MD, PhD:   by Zoom
September 21 – Robert E. Scully Lecture
(sponsored by Massachusetts General Hospital)
Melinda F. Lerwill, MD:   by Zoom
November 16 - Hubert J. Wolfe Lecture
(sponsored by Boston University)
Arthur S. Tischler MD:   by Zoom