The New England Society of Pathologists was established to create a society of pathologists to share their research and advances in practice with each other, meeting several times each year.  Several New England academic pathology departments support annual lectures, and are listed as our Sponsors.

The first President of the NESP was Simeon Burt Wolbach in 1934, and a list of subsequent Presidents is available here.  A tribute to the life and legacy of Solomon Carter Fuller, MD, Emeritus Professor of Neurology and Pathology, Boston University School of Medicine, is available here, or as a pdf.

 Burt Wolbach, MD                 Solomon Fuller, MD        
The mission of the Society, as stated in the Bylaws, is as follows.

The purpose of the New England Society of Pathologists is:

  1. To foster and maintain through education and research the highest standards in the practice of Pathology and clinical laboratory service.
  2. To maintain the dignity and welfare of Pathology as a specialty



           President                       Vice President                       Treasurer

  Dr. Christopher Andry, Boston Univ              Dr. Sandra Cerda, Boston Univ                  Dr. Mariana Canepa, Brown Univ

    Executive Secretary                 Past President                           Clerk

 Donna Walsh, Brigham & Women's       Dr. Anthony Guidi, Harvard Med School          Dr. Dan Rust, Tufts Med Ctr